About Me


I believe that religion is crucial part in ones family foundation. As parents, it’s our duty to teach and bring awareness of Islam into the household.  We should try to raise children in a world where they respect and understand there is diversity and different faiths. Everyone has their interpretation, understanding and teachings of religion. Yet, the end result is that Islam is in fact, a beautiful and moderate religion that teaches peace, patience and the acceptance of all humanity. 

It's important, now more than ever that Muslims celebrate their own faith, traditions and holidays from others. Thus, Crescent Star Creation was born! My objective is to simply provide beautiful, tasteful and quality products while expressing Islam through simplicity of home décor. You’ll enjoy celebrating and embracing your home with holiday traditions.

Stay connected because I’ll bring you products you'll adore and cherish for years to come, Insha'Allah.

Lets celebrate Islam with elegance and style!

Peace Be Upon You,

Lirija Kajosevic